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Shock absorber support tube of stroller

Date: 2022-05-23

The utility model relates to a novel shock proof support tube of a stroller. The utility model relates to the technical field of a stroller. The shock proof compression spring is sleeved on the support tube, the lower end is provided with a shock proof spring lower pressing part, the upper end is provided with a shock proof spring upper pressing part, a vehicle receiving company is arranged between the shock proof spring upper pressing part and the shock proof compression spring, and the upper end of the support tube is provided with a support pipe plug; The utility model also comprises a right adjusting shockproof part, a left adjusting shockproof part and a shockproof spring seat; Both sides of the support tube are respectively provided with a right adjusting shock proof part and a left adjusting shock proof part; The upper parts of the right and left adjusting shock proof parts are provided with shock proof spring seats By adjusting the compression length of the spring, it can provide different strength effects, so as to adapt to children of different weights and roads of different conditions


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